Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So, the two green peppers went into tonight's salad. I'm not sure I'm interested in finishing the painting now, because last night during the cinnamon roll/chili preparation the set-up got all messed up. And before it got messed up I had seen the pears and peppers from a different angle and wanted to paint that view even more than the first view, so that's probably why I let the first view get knocked over. I've still got the image in my head so I can set it up again, but now I've also got to deal with the two pears getting ripe. I liked the green and yellow tones side by side, but now the green one is turning yellow.

Isn't that just a bunch of excuses!! Really, though, I want to read tonight, so I'm going to do that instead of painting.


  1. You should paint words and then you can read while you paint.

  2. isn't it great that we have options...who said you had to paint right now...sometimes a break in the ordinary gives us better insight into what we do or don't do...just keep the caps tight on the paint...so it doesn't get hard LOLOL..now isn't that something from someone who has no idea what she is talking about LOLOL..but one thing I do know...it is so very cold here in KY...minus one right now..wind chill minus 12...no school today..hope everyone sleeps in...nice day to just vegetate...and read my "stash of new books"...christmas gifts...I tell everyone..you don't know what to give me...give me a book...always makes me happy...sorry I have run away with the yammering here...God Bless..hugs from Ora in Ky