Saturday, November 28, 2009


I looked at my palette in an earlier post and noticed that since I've been painting more I've learned a little bit more about keeping it tidy. That's a good thing. It's not perfect and I didn't clean off the center mixing area after painting "Fruit Cake", but to me it looks like I know what I'm doing with the palette more than the last post I made of my palette. I also use another piece of glass that's 8x10 to mix colors when my palette gets full of mixed paint. I taped packing tape around the edges, the kind with support string in it, and attached a white card to the back so my palette isn't clear glass. Having white as a base to mix colors makes it easier to see the color. As you can see, my palette is the size of a shoe box so it's pretty small compared to some palettes; even my own studio palette that's a 28x55 glass top computer desk that I got when I was anticipating painting some large canvases. I have used it for a palette, but now I just sit at it with all of my paints, still life, 6x6 canvases and small palettes.

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