Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jazz in June Sketches

So I decided to try a little water color/gouache, outside, sitting on a picnic table in a crowd, where people like to watch, where I paint people, where the performance stage freight awkward stress level is high for both artist and subject; with new tools and not knowing what's going to come of it, but I especially like the first one I did, with the man in the blue striped shirt (and his wife watching me behind her sun glasses) but I didn't see that she was watching me till I noticed he knew I was painting him and it was, well, should I be asking their permission to paint them? and yikes, I'd do better in a duck hunting blind. The other favorite of mine is the man with the green shirt with leaf shadows and the balloon. Before I got his head painted a woman came and stood between me and him, and when she left he was gone! and then the balloon popped * Painting people in action is tricky and I think the style that seemed to happen despite my intentions suits it because you have just maybe two moments to look and decide what colors to put down and then make one stroke per decision.
Can you find Weston, my grandson?

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