Friday, September 3, 2010

Chocolate Marble Cheesecake

The cake has chilled overnight. I don't have a disposable plate to put it on so I flatten a pie tin.

melt six bitter sweet chocolate cubes with two tablespoons of water over a double boiler or a metal dish sitting on a small pan of boiling water.

use a food processor to crush cookies for crust. Pecan Sandies and chocolate covered graham crackers make a good crust.

melt 3-5 tablespoons of butter in a bowl sitting on the small pan with boiling water.

Trying to get the photos and the words to match up after posting was a puzzle so I deleted most of the explainations. Hopefully you can look at the photos and make some sense of it.


  1. very nice post
    who got to eat it?

  2. the cake was for Tom's birthday...tom the law clerk at work...various people at the office got some of it.