Saturday, March 16, 2013

White White White

This is the still life for the month of March. I've resigned to the fact that I'm a part time painter for now so I don't get worried when I don't visit the studio as much as I'd like to. The photo of the painting shows what I painted in about an hour and a half in acrylic mostly working on drafting it. You'll notice I captured a slightly different perspective in the painting. And, for this one I painted on a surface that's about 14 x 18 or 20 and used a 1 inch brush first and then switched to a half inch brush that had a bit more rigidness to get a little more detail - switching back and forth because the wider brush was helpful in keeping the edges soft. I will get the blacks black and the whites white as I continue to work on it. This first session was the attempt to draw it correctly.

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