Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kudos from Mourning Hope Director Gayla Nelsen

Wow, what a wonderful day at the Mourning Hope House! The art projects that were completed on Saturday were simply amazing. I observed children who were engrossed in their work, who were encouraged to try something new, encouraged to make thoughtful decisions, encouraged for their effort and excited about their finished product. I believe that twenty years from now the products that were produced today will be looked at with pride. The children will remember the time that they spent at the Mournig Hope House with Liz and Leo making a keepsake that honored a loved one(s).

Liz and Leo, you are at ease working with young children and that, in turn, helped the children to feel at ease working with you. Your talents are many and the Mourning Hope Grief Center thanks you for your willingness to volunteer and support our mission.

Gayla Nelsen

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