Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Painting Class

This evening I held my first Tuesday evening painting class. It was in Studio MUG, downtown Lincoln, where I've given private painting lessons in the past. The class consists of three women; two of them have never painted before. The results were amazing. I love watching painting happen and these ladies were eager to learn and to apply what they were learning. They each brought a picture they wanted to paint. All three were photos of paintings. We started out with a pencil sketch on the canvas; very simple. Then they used black acrylic watered down to get a more defined drawing in washes; still simple. Next they took white acrylic to refine the drawing and alternated back to black/black washes to develop the images. One student ended up using a blue/black in working out the darks and lights in her painting. Next week oil painting begins over the acrylic drawing/paintings they did this evening.


  1. I know, we should have been teachers!!

  2. I wish I could be my student. I would like to work on a project like my class got to work on. Maybe I should just give myself permission to do that.

  3. permission granted *