Monday, May 31, 2010

Lily Pond

oil on 6x6 canvas

Wow! another taste of painting outside! There is so much to see and getting zoomed in takes awhile. I started with a nice abstract of half water, half lily pads. As I worked, standing up and looking down at the pond, I gradually zeroed in on the flower in the foreground. Then I sat down, got a new perspective, kept painting. I realized to some degree the importance of planning ahead and zooming in while setting up the composition. After painting for maybe a couple of hours, I called it quits, looked around and realized I've got several more paintings to do just in that one pond!

At some point during this painting I noticed the lily reflecting into the pond. I didn't notice right away and I'm not sure now if as the sun moved the reflection showed up, or if it was there all the time, but I wasn't seeing it yet. There were fish and rocks and moss and, and, much to see! After a while of painting I saw the blue of the sky just slightly showing in the water around the reflection of the flower.

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