Thursday, June 3, 2010

pool at sunken gardens

oil on 6x6 canvas

This time I kept the composition throughout the session which was from about 6:45 p.m. till 8:30. The light changed drastically, from a sunny sky to dark clouds. I get so involved in painting that I hardly notice anything or one around me. My husband and grandson walked through the garden looking for me, but I didn't see them and they didn't see me. I wasn't at the pond where I'd been the other day when I painted the lilys. I was going to paint there, but all the lilys I would have painted were closed up and the afternoon sun was really hot so I found a place near the waterfall in the shade.

I'm amazed at how outdoor light changes the colors of the things I'm painting. I like trying to keep up with the changes as I paint. Painting moving water is an experience that I'll need to practice. I watched the bubbles forming and popping and made several attempts on the canvas; redoing them again and again. I liked seeing the colors of the rocks change and as the sky darkened the rocks stood out more.

Three elements in the painting; the leaves, the surface of the water, and the rocks at the bottom of the water, all seemed to end up on the same plain in this painting. I still like the results because the colors and the elements all go well together.

Another artist was there sketching. He came over and we compared murals we've done. His at the Oven, mine at the Venue. He said he only paints from life now because in studio things get 'dead' looking whereas painting out in the field produces paintings full of life.

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