Thursday, June 10, 2010

B.W. Centaur - SOLD

After seeing his portrait as Centaur he had three requests for additions and changes. One of them was for a more stern face without blushing. Of course, while I was working the these changes, I saw the opportunity to work out a few more places in the painting as well. And I'm still adjusting things. The hands, the face....

oil on 30x30" canvas The beautiful thing that brought this painting together today, is that my daughter Lily asked me to join her in Richard's Hall to paint. She's working on a project for her color theory class and I got to paint in a super well lit classroom. To make matters even better, there were photos of horses in the classroom. One of the horses was pretty much in the same position that I needed to see for this painting! You see here, too, one of the preliminary layers. The first layer I didn't take a photo of. I had the horse going the other direction and the man was turned to face the viewer. Interestingly, all three of the layers had the man pretty much in the same place!

ball point pen sketch for painting

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